Annual Luncheon Meeting 2023

In view of the year of Rabbit, we envisage that the geopolitical situation should calm down and we hope to hold our yearly get together as planned. It will a pleasure to taste again the genuine Cantonese Food and meet friends of Hong Kong and other Asian places. The yearly Luncheon is scheduled on:

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 at 11:30 a.m.
Restaurant HONG XI, Thurgauerstrasse 134, 8152 Glattpark-Opfikon

Please register name before September 14th 2023 by clicking the link below:

The Year of the Rabbit

According to the famous Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong, the year of the Rabbit is a Yin Water year. The 2023 water wood elements configuration in a supportive cycle will help to resolve conflicts and bring more harmony in international relationships. The main difference between 2022 and 2023 is that Yin water is by nature the “morning dew” and the Rabbit is by nature a flower. It is a picture of the small drop of water that appears on the petal of a flower in the early morning, so it is more moderate and peaceful. Yin water is the most moderate and humble kind out of the 5 elements system, Water, Metal, Fire, Wood and Earth.

A typical example of a famous yin water person is King Charles. His image fits quite well with the yin water quality of being polite, humble and patient. He did not make much noise in the international scene, but he is intelligent and very active in environmental protection.

Yin Water symbolize humble, moderate drop of water. It is also representing intelligence, flexibility, accommodating, and considerate thinking. As such, it is associate with clever compromising solutions to different, innovative and creative ideas. The water Rabbit year, with water producing wood, also symbolize creativity and growth, which injects a lot of creative activities in art.

Hong Kong's Dai Pai Dong Hawker Stalls – A Dying Breed.

Known for churning out delicious local dishes at great speed and rock-bottom prices, Dai Pai Dong have always been popular with Hongkongers.

Over the last few decades, the government has been phasing them out due to concerns for hygiene and traffic congestion.

Watch some scenes about Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong and find out why you should visit them as soon as possible.